Domain Name Investing & Branding

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Maximise your brand’s value and protect, exploit and even sell with our consultants guidance! We can help you build value straight away and provide you with legal considerations as well as strategies to protect and exploit your brand’s unique value.





Build value straight away in your venture by choosing the right domain name and branding strategy. With our years experience (Simon Phillips wrote the best seller Domain Name Investing –  A Quick Guide) and expertise you will get a 30 minute session to explore the best domain name and branding strategy for your venture.

Domain Name Investing

We will guide you in exploring the best domain name to acquire for your venture (or if you would like to explore domain name investing as an investable asset which will build value and help boost your search engine optimisation BEFORE you even create a website or build a product!

We help you with your domain name research, while analysing your current domain name or target domain name.

What Are Domain Names?

Domain names is the address of the website – such as Having the best domain name for your venture can build value (the right domain name can be worth millions!) and can also boost your brand’s image.

Domain names are one way that search engines like Google ranks the results by matching domain names to your search relevancy. Therefore, the right domain name can even help your marketing efforts before you even make a website, or sell any products.


Your business’s brand is a very powerful sales tool which again drives value to your venture while making your product or services easier to actually sell. This is even more vital in the days of social media selling, where branding and image is everything!

We help review your brand and build simple strategies to maximise your branding activities. This includes ensuring that your brand does not infringe any other venture’s brands rights – such as their trademark, while also considering your options in protecting your own brand – which can give you other opportunities such as licensing your brand name to others.


We will discuss your trademarking options if you are within the United Kingdom. We will discuss how to protect your brand via trademark on the widest basis. Please note that if you are unsure on how to register a trademark you should contact a Trademark Attorney.