Business Law

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Business Law considerations to help you save on your legal fees. From company formations to partnership arrangements.


Business law consideration specialising in English Law.

Save on legal fees by having our team assess your business legal considerations:

  • Start-up formation considerations (including incorporation, partnership formation,  sole trader considerations)
  • Industry specific legal considerations (an assessment on what legal considerations you must have to launch the venture you intend to)
  • Branding (including intellectual property and copyright considerations)
  • Partnership structuring
  • High level employment law considerations
  • Data protection considerations

Our team will review what you need and produce a report with what further considerations and actions you may need to make. We will look at different ways you can achieve your business aims.

How does it work?

Once you have placed your order, our team will contact you via the email address you have provided within the next business day (please check your “junk” folder if you have not heard anything from us). You will then get a chance to tell us what business legal consideration you need assistance with.

We will then undertake a thorough assessment and produce a small report with our findings. We may then recommend a call to discuss or for you to take further advice from a specialist solicitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a law firm?

We are not a law firm but we have experience working in business law including working in compliance, commercial litigation and business law environments at leading international law firms.

  • Do you draft any documents?

We do not tend to draft legal documents (this is best done via a specialist solicitor) but we can give guidance on what needs to be included. (On limited basis we can point you in the right direction for a template, which we can then review in an additional session)

  • Do you have a meeting with us?

We ask you via email what legal consideration you need help with and then produce a small report of our assessment. You then have an option to arrange a 30 minute meeting which will cost an additional £100.

  • What do you mean by legal considerations?

We research and use our expertise to assess your current legal circumstance in which we provide recommendations on what legal steps you need to be aware of or what to do.

  • Do you replace a business lawyer?

Although on many occasions we can cover most angles (for on average £350) we will recommend getting further legal advice on drafting or more complex matters. The starting point we give you should allow you to communicate with lawyers from a position where you understand your legal needs more – this means less work they will bill you for!

  • How much cheaper is your services compared to hiring a lawyer?

Lawyers will typically charge you anything starting for £250 per hour to over £2000 per hour. This does not include “disbursements” and your total cost will also include if any other staff member needed to review your work as well – such as a higher billable solicitor. Therefore, instead of paying approximately £200 for our full service, you can find yourself paying £500 upwards for most business law services.