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Venture Building With Business Strategy

We consult and partner with organisations at all stages of ventures and assists on strategy, revenue stream creations, ideas generation, resource acquisition, fundraising and expansion planning.  We use our expertise, connections and resources to have a hands on approach on business services. Our deep industry knowledge and business acumen allows us to have an unrivalled advantage in developing business strategies to maximise success.

Sometimes you need your start-up idea to be validated and enhanced to help you speed up delivering your venture goals. 

We are a team of innovators who have previously built successful ventures in multiple industries.

We will work with you to build your idea and research and analyse your market using our cutting edge technology.

We provide a host of services to ensure that your venture succeeds in meeting your goals:

  • Fundraising Strategy – we explore your options not just in your immediate funding round but through your next rounds
  • Fundraising Support – we help you to source funds for your venture, including reviewing and assisting with your pitch deck.
  • Venture Project Management – we help manage your project which can include placing an experienced board member to areas that require more expertise.
  • Venture Strategy – we will help you to create strategies of launching your venture, as well as growth.
  • Resource Acquisitions – we use our vast network and our partners to give you all the resources you need, from staffing to office space, let us work to help get you moving forward.

We help you develop your branding and marketing strategies to take advantage of the powerful tools to boost your sales and brand awareness.

We help you to maximise your:

  • Domain Name Investment
  • Trademarking 
  • Digital marketing and advertising

We love building ecosystems where everyone shares a similar goal.  We help lead and facilitate partnerships, whether it is via one of our client ventures or it is for one of our ventures that we are building ourselves.

We undertake a deep analysis to identify legal considerations that you need with your venture. Our services means less time and money undertaking legal research or compliance management and more time spent on your business). 

Legal Considerations Include:

  • Company formation
  • Intellectual property 
  • Financial regulation
  • Advertising regulation
  • Licensing
  • Contract review
  • Legal research

By incentivising investors, allows you to attract the best. The UK Government created the EIS, SEIS schemes to help Angel Investors to take on more risky investments – such as investing in startups. With ventures that are SEIS or EIS approved allows their investors to get up to 30% back of the total value they invest in your venture via deductions to their yearly income tax. This provides a huge incentive for angel investors which can provide them with a huge value on their investments by simply investing into your venture.

 We help you prepare and submit your EIS or SEIS application to HMRC for their Advanced Approval, including reviewing and assisting with your business case.

Venture Capital

We consider on a very limited and small direct investments into ventures that align to our interests. We will look into making syndicated investments into your venture for assets acquisition and growth efforts where we see direct results in how you will use the money invested.

For other ventures looking for higher sums of investment capital, we will look at our regulated partners and alternative form of finance.

Partner Investments and Capital include:


– Equity Investments

– Corporate Credit Options

– Revenue and growth related options

Our Clients

We specialise in technology and technology driven ventures. This includes:

  • Fintechs
  • Community banks
  • eCommerce
  • Social Commerce (selling via social media)
  • Technology including SaaS

If you have a technology related business book a consultation now!


Legal Jobs London  ( is one of our oldest ventures. It has recently  been rebuilt with powerful technology making it easier for both jobseekers and recruiters to advertise and search for legal related jobs in the London jobs market. 

How We Work?

We take a “consult first” approach whereby we analyse and provide feedback at our earliest discussions. This way, regardless of what professional services you require, we can provide quick solutions to your issues (saving you more money and building your venture from early on). 


When booking your initial consultation you will be given the opportunity to provide as much information as possible about your venture and what you are looking for in the consultation. 

We then analyse your submission and use our expertise and connections to see how we can assist you. If you are looking for funding we will assess where you are and the initial consultation will provide feedback or a request for additional information.


Once we have held the initial consultation we will explore our next steps. If you require ongoing support in your venture such as building a board or fundraising help we will provide you with a quote. 

If you accept the quote we will then onboard you as a client and commence work within the time frames set within the work. 



We are not a regulated investment firm we invest personal capital and via our associates and is available on a very limited basis, where we tend to make micro-investments.

Other capital sources potentially available are via our regulated partners who will make the ultimate decision on your venture. We use our network, experience and expertise to ensure your venture maximises it’s potential to raise the required funding – whether it is via an Angel Investor, Venture Capital firm, Private Equity or corporate credit. 


Learn more about Sialph by looking at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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