Board Adviser


Build a successful board by getting an experienced board adviser at a fraction of the cost. Get experienced entrepreneurs such as Simon Phillips to guide your venture’s strategy for a successful startup. Find out more


Hire an experience Board Adviser to give your start-up team advise and recommendations on a monthly basis.  For only £200 per month you will have an experienced board adviser to help shape and improve your strategy. Whenever you have a board meeting the adviser will join via video call (options for in person meeting below):


  • Get an experienced board adviser to assist you on a monthly basis
  • No need to be admitted to the board
  • No need to spend on a full time salary
  • Build your board’s value
  • Utilise the board adviser’s connections
  • Help with fundraising strategy
  • Mentoring of senior team members

Building a successful venture is not just about the product or service that you provide.


Simon Phillips the founder and creator of Sialph is the primary board adviser. He has experience advising community banks boards as well as creating several ventures including Cato – an award winning fintech. Simon Phillips also sits on several entrepreneurs forums, and CEO forums including Bloomberg’s. He also provides expert advise on several global expert networks.

He wants to assist others in using technology to solve the world’s most complex problems. Find out more via his LinkedIn .



Instead of hiring a full time director, or paying for higher consulting fees, get a regular board adviser who can sit with your team on a monthly basis.

  1. Order this consultation slot and hold an initial meeting with your board adviser to set out how the relationship will work (if it is deemed inappropriate then recommendations will be provided on alternative solutions).
  2. If your venture is accepted and a board adviser is appointed then a meeting schedule will be created. This will include how frequent the meetings will be (with a maximum of once per month) and then how much is payable per session (starting from £350).
  3. Prior to each meeting you should provide an update on all of your venture’s progress. Your adviser will then attend your meeting to discuss with your senior team on the agreed basis.