Sialph is more than a consultancy we take a hands on approach to assisting our clients and look to provide all the resources they need to ensure that they meet their venture’s overall goals – whether it is via our own investments, our partners financing options or by gaining the necessary expertise, resources and sales avenues generated via our vast networks.

Initial Consultation 

Regardless of what assistance you require for your business, we hold an initial consultation that allows us to find out more about what your goals are and the provide some ideas of how you can get closer to achieving your venture goals. 

Many clients only need an initial consultation to help solve some of their business pain points. While others need a much more hands on to guide them to their success. 

Venture Capital

We do not specialise in investing into ventures directly but for a very limited, special and unique opportunities we consider making micro investments. 

However, through our connections within the investment and corporate finance industries we will help you to source the appropriate finance to reach your venture goals. 

Simon Phillips

Founder & Chief Executive

Simon Phillips is an award winning Founder having founded several ventures valued over £10 million. He has also consulted on projects valued over £1 billion and has advised boards of community banks and technology companies around the world. He is passionate about helping founders get the most out of their ventures which is why he created Sialph. Simon Phillips belongs to several expert networks as well as exclusive entrepreneurs communities and is active within the start-up ecosystem.